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Beware of Destination Addiction - a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is the next place, the next job, and with the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.

Lessons of Life I’ve Learned Thus Far - Pre-College Flashback Edition

Back in 2010 I wrote a letter to myself for after college graduation. I also included a list of things that I had learned in life (or thought I had) up until that point. I wanted to share. Some are still completely true, some are hilarious. Some bring back memories, and some are absolutely embarrassing. Enjoy: 

  1. I can & I will.
  2. Live with spontaneity, it keeps life exciting & worth living. 
  3. When famous things are close by, go to them. Be a part of the action. 
  4. Keeping a journal is a beautiful & beneficial thing. 
  5. People who are extremely passionate about something are so god damn sexy. 
  6. Meet new people. 
  7. Smile at strangers.
  8. Thinking he likes you doesn’t mean he likes you. 
  9. That feeling way down deep deep deep that you try to suppress without even knowing it sometimes is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS right. 
  10. They’ll be much more persistent & try harder. 
  11. Guys who were previously super-serious about their ex-girlfriends don’t get over them very well or quickly. 
  12. I don’t do the younger man thing. 
  13. You choose the thoughts you have. Make them positive. 
  14. Why would you be mean to someone. Think about it. 
  15. I like the chase better than the catch. 
  16. they are more attractive when they’re taken. 
  17. They’re not in a tuxedo. 
  18. I don’t think I could ever be a lesbian. 
  19. Tattoos are extremely attractive & up anyones rankings. 
  20. Keep your connections. 
  21. Don’t be afraid to give anyone a compliment. Everyone deserves them and everyone loves them. 
  22. Do not judge others. Give people a chance to impress & surprise you. Why block a connection in your life? Endless possibilities & relationships could come from being open & letting people be themselves around you. 
  23. Forgive & forget. Hanging on to issues of the past cause turmoil in the future. It takes a lot of energy to hold a grudge. Clear the air and let that person go. 
  24. Smile. Laugh. And ask questions. People like to talk about themselves and share their opinions, so give them the opportunity. 
  25. Appreciate nature & embrace it’s beauty. 
  26. Love your family and create memories with your siblings. 
  27. Love what you do and let go of what you don’t. 
  28. Be there. Whether in words or in person. Sometimes you just need someone there with you. 
  29. Don’t rush life. Enjoy your age while you’re at it and don’t wish to be older or younger. It will come. Live at the present. 
  30. Experience.
  31. Let people know how much you love them. 
  32. When set back by intrusions you can’t control…breathe. & thank the universe for the spontaneous moment to sit in peace and have a break. Relax. 
  33. People love getting mail. 
  34. Be happy for other people and their accomplishments. Be there for them and show your support. 
  35. HUG. 
  36. Save your money. 
  37. People die and people are born. You are sorry for the temporary loss of a connection to that person. Death is tolerable. 
  38. Pray. 

The ones on boys are the most embarrassing, but for others I’m quite impressed with how aware I was, and how those revelations at that age helped me successfully get through school. Here’s to the next journey…



I’m having Spain withdrawals. 

I thought I was doing so well…didn’t feel anything about returning from Spain, no sadness. But now it’s hit me over the past couple days…I’m not in Europe anymore. And it’s not the American culure or people that are bugging me…it’s the Spanish customs that I miss. Like dancing, seeing friends, café, traveling to new places every weekend, speaking a different language, planning things…I don’t get the same feelings over those things here. It’s different in a way that it’s the same. Same old, same old. 

And it’s depressing.

I want to explore Latin America and South Eastern Asia now…and it’s consuming my thoughts as of late. It keeps me occupied and relieved that I will travel again for myself. It’s scary to think I won’t. I refuse to let that become me. 

I love animals. Animals always try their best; you never see a lazy ant. Always working. By Derek, from Derek

  • Natalie:

    Omg I love your toenails!

  • Me:

    Why? They're just white?

  • Natalie:

    Yea, but who's cool enough to just do that?!