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The Kleenex Store

I told my Spanish best friend that I was applying to the company that makes Kleenex. The night before we had been talking about the businesses we could open together, so to my Kleenex news he replied, “Oh, well then you can ship me lots of boxes of Kleenex and I’ll open a Kleenex store.” Someone’s thinking.

I had the revelation last night (haven’t been sleeping well lately because I can’t stop thinking of possibilities!) that I could just…stay here. And not go home.

Could I?


How? Is that what I want? Why do I want that…


There is a very vast difference between Spaniards and Americans on what age people should marry and have children. Spaniards that I’ve spoken with are in shock when I tell them of people normally marrying and starting a family before the age of 30, to the point where it’s almost considered a ‘goal’. Spaniards, however, believe that you need to start your career, travel, finish school, etc before even thinking about having children. The age many start to consider families or getting married is around 32-35. Much later than in the US.

I had this conversation a few times, but once with a man and woman during a structured conversation on the topic. The man was discussing the ‘perfect’ amount of children, to which he said two. Three…ok. But four, impossible…because how would they fit in the car?! To which the girl and I started laughing because never have we ever thought about the car, more so the fact that we’d have to be pregnant four times, or that it’s a lot of children to feed, etc…not the car.